Are the perfect complement for soldering and desoldering work.

Compact line

A self-contained station incorporating JBC technology.

Modular line

Building your personal soldering needs.

Premium line

Designed for industrial and extensive use with extraordinary thermal performance.

The JBC Exclusive Heating System Részletes információk »

The system recovers the tip’s temperature extremely quickly. This increases work efficiency and lowers the solder temperature.

JBC heating system principles

  • The compact element optimizes heat transfer by reducing the thermal barriers.
  • The fully integrated thermal sensor to the heater ensures an extremely quick temperature recovery.
  • The intelligent algorithm used in the heating control system increases performance.

JBC, the most efficient soldering process

This innovative technology allows a reduction of the temperature by at least 50ºC.

Lowering the temperature reduces the risk of damaging components and improves the quality of soldering and desoldering.

The Intelligent Heat Management Részletes információk »

JBC stations incorporate Sleep & Hibernation functions that lower tip temperature when tool is not used. As a result, tip life lasts up to 5 times longer.

Sleep & Hibernation functions

The Sleep function automatically reduces tip temperature to 180ºC when the iron is resting in the stand.

The station automatically goes into Hibernation when the programmed time in Sleep mode is over. The power supply is cut off and tip keeps at room temperature.

A stand is required to activate both functions.

Longer Tip life

Tip life increases exponentially by using lower tempearture during less time, as shown in the graph.

JBC tips last 5 times longer than other brands thanks to the Exclusive Heating System and the Intelligent Heat Management: Sleep & Hibernation functions.

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